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“Gau-Sewa” is our Cultural and Religious Duty

Our “Gau-Mata” is the base of our culture and religion. Since “Vedik” age we are serving and following Indian cows. Hundred of thousands of examples of this are in our “Ved-Purans” and “Granthopnishads” including the latest and modern literature.

“Raghuvanshi Maharaj Dilip” was ready to give his life for the sake of his Guru’s cow ‘Nandini’. Maharaja ‘Nrig’ has donated unlimited number of Cows in his whole life. According to “Ramayana” written by “Mehrishi Valmiki” Lord “Rama” was born for the help of ‘Gau’ and ‘Vipra’ and he has donated ‘Das Sehstra Koti’ that is ‘One Thousand Millions’ cows to scholars according to rituals.

“Lord Shree Krishna” has spent his whole ‘Awtari’ life by serving Cows. He himself use to drive and graze the cows in forest and was called “Gopal”. According to one version “Bhagwan Shree Krishan” was named “Govind” after his ‘Abhishek’ was done by “Maa Kamdhenu” with her milk and by “Devraj Indra” with the holy water of “Aakash Ganga” brought by the ‘Airawat Hathi’ in his trunk. “Dwarikadheesh Bhagwan Shree Krishan” use to donate thirteen thousand eighty four Indian Cows fully dressed with clothing and ornaments on daily basis.

Ignoring of “Gau-Dhan” is very injurious and declining for the entire society including the generations to come. Serving of Indian cows, Saving of Cows and the progress of “Gau-Vansh” are part and parcel of Indian culture. For all the followers of “Sanatan Dharma” Gau-Raksha is their religious and social duty and for those who belong to other religions “Gau-Raksha” is there social duty.


A Unique Beginning for those INDIAN COWS Who stopped giving milk, Old and Helpless…

NH 121, Near Jim Corbett National Park, Pauri Garwal, UK