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About Organization

Dear Aatman,

Under the limitless blessings from “Anantkoti Bhrammandnayak Sakshat Satya Swroop Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan” Shree Satyanarayan Seva Sansthan has started to spread the glory of True resolution under the guidance of Swami Ratnadev Ji Maharaj.

Sansthan is trying very seriously to see that each and every house should have the blessings of “Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan” and the humans should be free from all worries in their lives and after getting the desired results in his life go to heaven. Due to this reason under the guidance of Swami Shree Ratnadev Ji Maharaj fruitful "Shree Satyanarayan Vrat Mahakatha-Anushthan" is arranged continuously so that all the ‘Satya Premis’ have the blessings and make their lives and future lives also Successful.

Dear Aatman…

"Shree Satyanarayan Sewa Sansthan" is fully dedicated to save our ‘Satya Sanatan’ Culture and every direct or indirect Devine heritage and to serve “Gau Mata” we are bound to serve them from our heart & soul.
By the grace of "Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan" a detailed scheme for “Shree Satyanarayan Gau-Aashram” has been started all over INDIA for only those Indian Cows who have stopped giving milk, old and helpless and there such cows will be reared and protected. In continuation of this on 24 April 2016 (Dwitiya, Krishan Paksh, Chaitr Maas, Samvatsar 2073) “Bhoomi Poojan” for World’s first and extra ordinary “Cow Shelter” was done and work for this project is in progress.

By the grace & Inspiration of Satyanarayan Bhagwan "Shree Satyanarayan Seva Sansthan" under the guidance of Swami Shree Ratnadev Ji Maharaj has started many new schemes under the programme “Nar Seva-Narayan Seva” are under consideration and to start these schemes all the workers and volunteers of the Sansthan are working very hard. To start these Schemes systematically main are Ayuvedic & Swadeshi Treatment, Awareness Campaign to give free Medical Treatment and make Shelters for destitute “Sant-Mahatmas” and Needy Brahamins are Frontline Schemes.

The Guardian of "Shree Satyanarayan Seva Sansthan" is Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan himself and we are only for the Sake of sansthan. Come all so that we can spread this message of Great Ritual and have limitless Saintly. The message of truth continued to be spread without any hindrance.


A Unique Beginning for those INDIAN COWS Who stopped giving milk, Old and Helpless…

NH 121, Near Jim Corbett National Park, Pauri Garwal, UK