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A Unique Beginning… “Shree Satyanarayan Gau-Aashram”

We all want that our Indian Cows are being protected, reared and promoted and for this efforts are being done. We observe that efforts in the direction of cow rearing and promotion are satisfactory but when the question of protecting the cows comes we see that the condition is the same and it has not changed. Now the question arises that inspite of our spiritual, social and legal efforts why we are not in a position to stop cow slaughter.

When we got the answer of this question it was very astonishing and to get worried. On seeing the plight of our cows it was found that only those cows are slaughtered that stopped giving milk. When ones interest in cow milk is over this ‘Kalyugi’ Society feels that it is burden on them and they are left on the roads to wander and lastly they reach in the hands of butcher to get slaughtered.

Under the holy guidance of “Swami Shree Ratnadev Jee Maharaj” we all the ‘Sewak’ of ‘Satyanarayan Bhagwan’ has taken a Oath to protect our Indian Cows and see that not even a single Cow should be slaughtered by any butcher. With the blessings of “Karunasagar Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan” a big scheme is being started by the name “Shree Satayanarayan Gau-Aashram” all over India where only those Cows will be kept reared and protected who have stopped giving milk, old and helpless.

When “Swami Shree Ratnadev Jee Maharaj” was planning this future scheme he got the message and inspiration from “Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan” that this “Shree Satyanarayan Gau-Aashram” scheme should be started from the ‘Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand’.

As this was the order of Bhagwan Satyanarayan we started to search a land in ‘Uttarakhand’ for establishing the word’s first and unique “Gau-Aashram”. And in that order on 11th April 2016 under the guidance of ‘Swami Jee’ and by the grace of “Bhagwan Badrinath and Kedarnath” we reached the holy land of ‘Pauri Garwal’ in Uttarakhand village ‘Sangliya Bichla’.

There we met all the villagers of the village who are ‘Dharampremi Gaubhakt’. In front of them we pledged to construct “Gau-Aashram” for those Indian Cows who have stop giving milk, old and those who are not taken care by anybody.

“Maharaj Jee” told about this project to all the villagers in detail and after hearing about this all the villagers requested in one voice to ‘Swami Jee’ that they would help in this project from their Heart, Soul and Money. They also requested that in whole ‘Garwal’ area there is no cow shelter as such First “Shree Satyanarayan Gau-Aashram” should be established on this ‘holy land Uttarakhand’.

After seeing this extreme love and profound reverence of the villagers and after accepting this challenging situations such as hilly areas, pathless roads “Swami Jee” assured them that with the blessings of “Shree Satyanarayan Bhagwan” this World’s first and extra ordinary “Gau-Aashram” will be established in this ‘Deo Bhoomi Uttarakhand’ very soon.

Swamiji’s wording came true and on 24th April 2016 (Dwitiya, Krishan Paksh, Chaitr Maas, Samvatsar 2073) Bhoomi Poojan was done for the establishment of First “Shree Satyanarayan Gau-Aashram” and work on this is going on continuously.

Come all so that we can join hands for this special “Gau Raksha Mahabhiyan” and see that our efforts are fruitful in serving our “Sanatan Dharm”.


A Unique Beginning for those INDIAN COWS Who stopped giving milk, Old and Helpless…

NH 121, Near Jim Corbett National Park, Pauri Garwal, UK