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Chant & Praise

Maa Mahalaxmi Jaap Mantra

In Daily Poojan from the following three Mantras, one Mantra can be chanted according to once convenience.

AA vksme~ Jha ue%AA
AA vksme~ fJ;S ue%AA
AA vksme~ Jha egky{kE;S ue%AA

Maa Mahalaxmi Stuti “Mahalkshmayashtakam”

The Person who recites “Maa Mahalaxmi Ashtak Strotra” regularly with full Devotion will get all ‘Siddhis’ and will be able to spend his life Lavishly and Happily. The person who recites this one time every day all his sins will be destroyed & over. The person who recites this two times every day will get money cereal to his satisfaction. The person who recites this three times everyday all his enemies will be destroyed and “Kalyankarini Verdayani Maa Mahalxmi” remains always pleased and shower her happiness on him.

ueLrsvLrq egkek;s JhihBs lqjiwftrs A ‘ka[kpdzxnkgLrs egkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA1AA
ueLrs x#Mk: s dksyklqjHk;adfj A loZikigjs nsfo egkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA2AA
loZKs loZojns loZnq”VHk;adfj A loZnq%[kgjs nsfo egkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA3AA
flf)cqf)izns nsfo HkqfDreqfDriznkf;uh] ea=iwrs lnk nsfo egky{eh ueksvLrq rs AA4AA
vk|Urjfgrs nsfo vk|’kfDregs’ofj] ;ksxts ;ksxlEHkwrs egkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA5AA
LFkwylw{eegkjksnzs egk’kfDregksnjs A egkikigjs nsfo egkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA6AA
in~eklufLFkrs nsfo ijczg~EeLo#fif.k A ijesf’k txUekreZgkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA7AA
‘osrkEcj/kjs nsfo ukukyadkjHkwf”krs A txfRLFkrs txUekreZgkyf{e ueksvLrq rs AA8AA